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Wine for TWO <3

Enjoy this beautiful Wine Caddy cut from an Oak Barrel stave; created to perfectly hold a bottle of wine while balancing your favorite two wine glasses. 

Sit on the patio on a hot summer night or by the fire with the winter snow.

Either way this Caddy is perfect addition to your Wine Lovers Collection

Made with a cut from an Oak Barrel, approximately 12" long by 3" wide ( sizes may vary) ; with 3 coats of protective finish. We leave the perfectly natural color of the barrel. 

Each piece of wood has unique charm and characteristics.

The one-of-a-kind, distinctive rings and markings on the wood add character to every single piece. 

Final product may not be exactly as shown in the picture.

We do not ship the glasses.

Price is $30 with glasses included with porch pick up. 

Price is $25 without glasses and is available for porch pick up and shipping.