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Made at Papa's House is a "blended home" of Football Fans!

Papa is from the Pittsburgh area- when he was 10 years old, his grandmother  (more affectionally called Nan) entered him into a contest to be the Pittsburgh Steelers Mascot! Well he won! For 1 solid week, Papa was the Pittsburgh Steelers Mascot- in the era of Mean Joe Green and Terry Bradshaw days! So cool! 

These Laser Engraved Wall Mounted Bottle Openers are approximately 12" long by 3" wide ( sizes may slightly vary) ; with 3 coats of protective finish. 

Opener is made of high-quality cast iron, featuring a beautiful, vintage accent.

It is carefully crafted from solid Oak barrel staves, left natural to highlight it's beautiful wood grain; with a protective finish. 

The one-of-a-kind, distinctive rings and markings on the wood add character to every single piece. 

Each piece of wood has unique charm and characteristics. Final product may not be exactly as shown in the picture.

Pre-drilled holes for easy hanging